jueves, 3 de abril de 2008

Invitation to Naranjos =)


I am very happy because Fatty invited me to the Naranjo’s Carnival and of course I accepted =) this was not the first time she invited me but the last times I found it impossible to go because I had to attend to school on weekend…..this time I was on vacation, so it was perfect!

On my way to Naranjos I watched a good movie in the bus and I liked it so much that I want to download it from internet :P I will watch it and then I’ll write about it here in the blog :P well, then it was very awful because I saw a road accident……L poor people that got injured =(

Then when I arrived to the O.C. (the orange city xD haha) I saw that fatty was waiting for me……she ran and hugged me =) she’s very nice! =D just like me xD …..After this we walked to her house and once there she introduced me to her family ….. Her grandma (now my grandma too) is great! She is very cool! She has a great relationship with fatty =), her mom is very nice too and cooks….wow delicious!!!! =) really! You should try some meal cooked by her!!! Her brothers are really pleasant!!! =) and her uncles wow really funny!!! =P

viernes, 28 de marzo de 2008

mY baby!!!! =***********

Hihihi!!!! =) noW i wanna talk to you about a car that drives me crazy!!! =P It is the bettle!!! I really loveeeee this car!!! Is like the perfect one for me!! =D it is small……it actually looks like a beetle xD hihihihih and it’s cool!! And it has everything I need! Four wheels and a steering wheel heheheeh

Green would be good for me but I would kill for a white bettle!!!!nonononono the best color is the harvest moon beige!! Woooo that is the best color for a bettle….. =D it looks great on this color! If I had a car like this I definitely would go out with my friends and would drive hours singing our favorite songs xD

But the truth is that my parents will never buy me a bettle =( …….they always say I have to work and buy myself my own car if that’s what I want =( so…….i should start saving money =D hihihihi or wait until I work and can afford it!....until then I will dream about having it hehehehehe!!! =D

Look all there types of bettles!!! Aren’t they just great! =D

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008

CHARMED me****** =) ;)


Well now I’m going to write about a tv serie that i really loved!!! it is about comedy, drama fantasy, mystery, romance…..that’s why I liked it so much! There were three sisters…..”The three Halliwell sisters”……after the death of their loved grandma, they had to moved to grandmas house and started living together just like the old times because they discover that they are descendents of a line of female witches. Each has a special ability: stopping time (Piper), moving objects (Prue/Paige), seeing the future(Phoebe), and they can also combine their abilities into the "Power of Three" to fight demons, warlocks, and other evils.

I remember I started watching the serie just after it began…..it was on 1998 =O long time ago! And since that moment I never lost a chapter of it!! =) I remember every single episode of every season!!! Jujuju it is really cool! At the beginning I always wanted to be Prue xD but after she dies I turn her for Phoebe xD I was really sad when it ended…..it finished two years ago….and of course I was there to watch the final episode! :P I didn’t love the end :S it was iukk….not what I expected! :P but anyways! I would have written something much better for the end! :P oh I almost forget to mencion that I had a teacher in highchool that liked so much the serie that she had a tattoo on her back of the power of three symbol!! :O

shalalalala(8) mY wedding

Every woman dreams about her wedding! A perfect one! With the man you love and with all your family and friends there! In a beautiful church and the priest of your choice! (L) awww!!!

And the most….well, almost the most important thing…..the dress! =) it has to be very gorgeous! White white white! Long and beautiful! With all the small details you like….=D

hen the rings……oh, my ring has to be like wOw! Stunning! But with a medium diamond ….if it is too big it lost their mystery….and elegancy ;)

After all this, there comes the party! Eaeaeaeaea!!!! Is would be great if all you friends! And family is there!! I hate when people who is no close to the couple is invited! I think that should be avoided! Just friends and family! That’s all we need! =)

Juju ok lets just omit the next step xD hahahahahaha let’s say that it should be in a relaxed place……nothing like Paris or something like that iukk!! Is has to be in a beach with sun and palms!!!

SM*** =)

Hehehehe well, what can I do!This cartoon was very important to me as a child! :P I dreamed about Darien! I remember one day I This car dreamed that Darien came and kissed me!!! =) it is really crazy! Hehehehe I used to say that I was Serena and I actually combed my hair just like her! :P let me present you all the characters…….

This is Serena and she was the main character. She was a teenager soldier that defended everybody in eart

h. She was in love with Dariel……a cute guy who was an hero too! :D well…Serena was really funny! She was always saying things she was not supposed to! And she was always crying and complaining about everything! She was very sentimental! She is just like me! ;)

This is Darien, known as “Tuxedo Max”, he thinks Serena is just a spoiled girl that is in love with him! But he is in love with “Sailor moon” juju what he doesn’t know is that

"Sailor moon” and Serena are the same person! :P he can’t remember any of his past and all he does is to protect Serena and the earth.

This is Luna……she’s a nice cat that helps Serena in everything! She ia like Serena’s nany xD she’s really cool! And she talks! But just to Serena!:D she has a moon in her forehead!

All these are the other sailors! They are Serena’s friends and all they are known as the"Sailor Scouts”….she is Amy and she is very intellectual ……

She’s Mina and she is the oldest one! She also has a cat named “Artimis” it is white and I think he like Luna xD

this is Lita and she is like the little woman of all…she loves to cook and clean and she’ is really nice :D

this is Raye and she gets angry easily xD I think she kind of hunk!! =) but she’s a good person!

and well, this little girl is Rini haha she is always fighting with Serena because she is pretty smart and sometimes behaves better than Serena! She loves Darien too! And that’s why Serena gets angry!

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

Moviee!! ***

Oh well, I just watched this movie with my mom. I was all crying and I found it like wow! This is the second time I watch it but I found out that doesn’t matter how many times you watch the same movie…..you always find or see something different! Another secret or scene you did not get at the first time but at the second. It’s really cool, I liked all characters and of course the mean reflection.

This movie is about a family…..a family that is, let’s say, broken by the separation of the parents due to the lack of love. The dad, Ed Harris, fell in love with a young lady, Julia Roberts, and he decided to live with her. Then a lot of problems came in because Julia and his ex-wife don’t get along (obviously). But as Julia is a really good person who is in love with Ed, and she has great interest in Ed’s kid’s well be, it just takes short time to Susan Sarandon(the ex-wife) to realize she’s someone trustful and she starts accepting the reality….his ex-husband Ed fall out in love with her.

The sad moment came when Susan learnt that she has cancer and she decided not to tell anyone….. =( she tries to beat it out but she founds it impossible L then without planning it Julia’s character found out that Susan is sick and she supports her to tell her family……because she thought that’s the right thing to do……first, Susan tells her ex-husband about her disease, then they both let know the kids about it in a certain way I really liked it! They did it very relaxed.

After all these all of the characters spent time together and learnt things of each other……like…..Susan taught Julia how to be a good big sister or second mother to the kids and that stuff……I really liked it….at the end Susan was dieing but it was Christmas and all they took a photo together. I really liked this movie and I recommended you! Watch it! =)

sábado, 22 de marzo de 2008

my vacation!!! =)

hihihii!!!! =) what’s up!! well......I’m going to write something really quickly because I got to help my mom to prepare barbecue xD this vacation have been great!!! I’ve done lots of things with my lovely family! We have spent a lot of time and cute moments together! Yesterday we arrived from travel; we went shopping and visited our family! I saw a little cousin I didn't see long time ago! She’s really cute!

Something I love of traveling with my family lots of hours in the van is that I can play all the music I want!!! And that's really fun because we all sing and spend good moments as a family! We laugh! And talk about many things we're interested in! =P something I love to do is talk....so I talk and talk and talk :D =S unfortunately my parents have a limit so there's a time when they say "hija......ya duermete!" xD jijijijiji well.....what can I do about it! I talk too much! And silly things! But I know they love that :P

Something I don't love..... =P but don't hate =P is that my sister and me sometimes fight xD this time was because I wanted to lie down in the front seat (well the middle one) and she didn't accept to go to the back seat so.......=S we just gave each other that look of "==" and what happened is that both went in the same seat while the back one was completely empty :S....when we arrived I had to move to the back seat because my back got in pain xD

yesterday we arrived, today in the morning we went to a "
farewell maiden despedida de soltera" to a nice restaurant of Tampico and there is family visiting us here! So tonight we're going to through a party :P (u r invited if u wanna come!!) and I know it is gonna be really amusing!!!! We will dance.....the adults will drink a little bit.....maybe I’ll get some xD hahahaha just kidding! And of course we will laugh a lot! =)

so these are my vacation!!! =) see ya next post okis? babay!